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Pricing (Logo Design)

Pricing subject to change, depending on workload. Free estimates always available. Each service is available individually, just ask for price.

Logo Design Brief

  • Describe your companies history.
  • Like business cards, brochures, stationary.


How does this work?

This is a rundown of how projects USUALLY go.

Maybe I have contacted you, or you have found me; Great, let’s do business. First, I ask your name and what you’re looking for. Then I send a design brief, or questionaire. It’s a list of questions I need you to answer in order for me to even think about starting a project. It’s one of the most important parts of a project, so please take your time, answer each question in detail.

If I decide to take the project on, depending on if we’ve worked together before, there will be a 25%-50% deposit needed before I begin.

Once I receive the deposit I will begin researching based on the information obtained in the brief. I will research the market or industry you’re in, your competition, how I can help you can stand out from your competition. Once I have the research completed I will start conceptualizing and creating digital concepts. This generally takes around 1 week and 3-5 concepts are usually presented in the first round.

After I submit my concepts, I’ll wait for your feedback. Please take your time and leave detailed, concise feedback. This might take a few rounds before we have a finished product.

Once we have settled on a final product, I’ll ask that the final payment is made before I deliver the finished product.


*Concepts are lightly watermarked during the design phase. Upon project completion, you own all rights to the artwork.
What files do I receive?

Well, that depends on what package you chose. 

In the basic package you get 1 logo in vector format (.ai), .jpg, and transparent background .png format. You own the logo 100%.

Other premium packages are more comprehensive, including color, black and white versions of the logo, horizontal and vertical arrangements for the logo, icon versions of the logo, and a style guide for the logo with information about colors, and pairing type. 

What other services do you offer?

My main focus is logo design, but in the past, I have created t-shirt designs, brochures, business cards, posters, flyers and small WordPress sites.

I can take care of printed items and ship them. This requires the cost of shipping and printing upfront. A quote will be provided beforehand. 

How do I pay you?

I currently only accept payments through PayPal. I send invoices through PayPal as well. 

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